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Spruce Goose - =NFF=Crash - 2016-07-15

[attachment=422]The Spruce Goose in the museum at McMinnville OR.

RE: Spruce Goose - =NFF=Patriarch - 2016-07-16

What an AMAZING aircraft the Spruce Goose is. I've read quite a bit about Hughes and his career. Not allot was ever put to ink about the plane though.
He had to go before a congressional committee to explain the cost over-runs and delay. I believe he was quoted as saying something like, "I'll foot the bill myself if it doesn't fly." or "I'll pay back every penny that the Government put into it!" He was a brazen man.
When it did 'Fly' it wasn't supposed to. It was an experimental 'run-up' of the engines and control surfaces. He took if off in San Francisco Bay to, I believe, a height of some 70' Then he returned to the water.
I'm pretty sure that it was never was tried again. Somehow they got it to this museum. What a fabulous piece of engineering and creativity. I'd love to see it myself!
Thank you so much for this John. What fun to see!
You take care Sir.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch

RE: Spruce Goose - HillBilly - 2016-07-16


RE: Spruce Goose - =NFF=Patriarch - 2016-07-19

Thank you so much for this.
I knew he had taken it off the water. But, I thought that he had gotten it up over 70 feet.
Apparently, he flew it for perhaps a mile or so at no higher that 30/40 feet.
I'm guessing that he had so little control over this lumbering giant that he brought it back down very quickly. I recall that it was supposed to carry an entire company of infantry with full equipment. It's hard to believe that it could get out of its own way.
The controls must have felt like butter with little or no response. That's pure conjecture though. I don't believe it was ever flown again.
I think it's last 'flight' was to its current location in the museum.
Thanks again for this friend.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch

RE: Spruce Goose - HillBilly - 2016-07-19

A little more

RE: Spruce Goose - =NFF=Patriarch - 2016-07-21

I was closer to the actual flight statistics than I thought. This cool video explains that it DID FLY to 70' for almost a mile. After all he did to create this machine it must have been so disappointing.
I'm betting that the controls were so mushy that he didn't dare making a turn or going higher. He did make his gamble come true to the US Government though. It DID FLY!
Thanks very much for finding this. And, for putting in our Forum. It's a fun contribution.
Take care Sir.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch

RE: Spruce Goose - =NFF=Crash - 2016-07-30

It was quite a ordeal watching on the news kind of like when UPS flew Willy the orca to where he went. I understand that the museum is in financial deep doodoo

RE: Spruce Goose - =NFF=Patriarch - 2016-08-01

I cannot imagine that the 'Spruce Goose Museum' attracted hundreds of viewers. It takes an enormous amount of money just to maintain a building of that size.
Think about the humidity and air-conditioning in a structure that big. I'll bet that cost alone is millions per year. Then you have the 'people' cost.
I know there must have been dozens of volunteers on a regular basis. But, there had to be accountants, insurance, guards, advertising, parking, etc, etc.
It was a fabulous idea at the time. I'll bet there's only a few guys our age who even know the name of Hughes and the 'Goose.' Remember, it was built to accommodate a full company of combat soldiers in full gear. That was for WWII ! That was a long, long time ago.
Thanks again for your comments. I feel the same way.
Take care friend.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch

RE: Spruce Goose - Hohn - 2018-04-27

(2016-07-30, 07:00 AM)=NFF=Crar sh Wrote: It was quite a ordeal watching on the news kind of like when UPS flew Willy the orca to where he went. I understand that the museum is in financial deep doodoo The Hydromax pump reviews here.

I don't know much about the Spruce Goose, other than it's a great plane. There don't seem to be a lot of info about it, unfortunately. Awesome pics btw, Crash!

RE: Spruce Goose - Agent 86 - 2018-04-27

I can tell you that the 1 and only flight took place in Long Beach, CA. Then for years it was parked under a dome with a Sherman Tank parked almost under its wing (for scale) I guess.
One could walk through the "Hercules", then go directly to the Queen Mary for a full tour of the ship. I was lucky enough to walk through both attractions many times during my stint as a "lead man" at a party rental company, in Torrance, CA back in the 1980s.

[Image: DCA-04.jpg]

[Image: s-l1000.jpg]

[Image: 4c8876dd15d0bd923e1d1e2233ff49cf.jpg]

Howard promised to leave the country and never return, if it didn't fly. The rest is history....Big Grin