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Camel response curves - =NFF=Frosty - 2019-02-06

Hi folks, as promised here are the response curves I use for the Camel.  These smooth out the initial response for pitch and yaw, making it less "twitchy" close to centre.   I don't modify the roll axis, I find it's OK (Camel is slow to roll anyway... apart from snap roll)  



RE: Camel response curves - Von-Dervare - 2019-02-06

I found this anyway looking around trying to become familiar . Thxs again.

RE: Camel response curves - =NFF=Patriarch - 2019-02-08

Thank you sincerely for all the contributions that you make and have made over time. You are an important contributor to all folks interested in improving their game and success within =NFF=, (and other Servers).
Don't stop now though. People are always asking about things within RoF that are beyond the normal player. The more you continue to contribute ... the better off we all are!
Thanks so much again for you participation and expertise!
Very Sincerely,
Phil =NFF=Patriarch