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The ever elusive Agent Man
Hi All,

Here's a pic of me. Not the best, but it's a self portrait taken with the iPad high-res camera, so there's no view facing me.


(If this is a repeat - delete)
Wow Jim!
This is remarkable. I find it fascinating that one can develop an imaginary picture of someone without having any input about his or her physical attributes.
This is the case with you Sir. I imagined your appearance to be very close to your actual photograph. The only part I had wrong is that I thought for sure you had a full beard. I can't explain why. The mustache is close though.
I'm hoping the rest of the Team will forward their pictures as well. It makes for a cool camaraderie.
Thanks again Jim,
Take care friend,
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
[Image: k1pszl3abcvhh20zg.jpg]
Funny you mention it Phil, but I've always pictured Jim wearing a Pirate hat and a monocle.
Wait for mine. Try to figure what i look like...Tongue
[Image: giphy.gif]
(2014-09-23, 01:03 PM)=NFF=oneeyeddog Wrote: Funny you mention it Phil, but I've always pictured Jim wearing a Pirate hat and a monocle.

Arrrrr...ise of Flight!!


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Demon, I have noticed other guys setting the pro clip way out to the side like you have yours....Does it respond differently than if you keep it tucked in tight to your headset ??
And it is nessecary to have at least some grey to be part of =NFF=....GOOD FORM Big Grin Tongue
It's because when i turn my head to the left, i lose the signal.
As you see, the TrackIR is on the left side too.

And it is nessecary to have at least some grey to be part of =NFF=....GOOD FORM?
Thanks! To remind me I'm getting old Tongue How it is?
Ahh, that is sometimes a problem for me as well (look left, lose signal) I will try that. GOOD FORM = nicely done or well done...
As far as age goes....Your not getting old, your getting wise !
You have a nice set up there ! I especially like the cockpit light attached to the joystick !!!
Cheers Cool
Fun Stuff,
I was taking a trip down Memory Lane tonight. It was slow flying so I couldn't help myself.
I came across this series of fabulous pictures of Peter, (Agent86), Pete, (Oneeyeddog), and Peter, (Our famous equipment repair specialist, 'SugarBear' ). They are great pictures of great guys.
Those days are not that far back when we were certainly a team of co-operating friends. We shared some common goals, good humor, and technical challenges. (Not to mention our flying adversaries).
How times and things have changed. The memories are worth all the effort you guys put into =NFF=. I'm very proud to be part of it still.
I realize how much change has taken place. There's more 'games' to enjoy and new people to meet. We've even had some minor misunderstandings among ourselves. (All of which can be disregarded as trivial in relation to important events).
As times goes on, so will the =NFF= Servers. As long as there's electricity flowing to this house they will be there for your enjoyment. (That's obviously dependent on Agent86's willingness to keep them working properly).
I hope to see some of you friends now and then as often as possible..... We had some memorable times together that I'll never forget.
Take care Gentlemen. I thank you sincerely for all that you've shared with us. I'm sure there will be more memories as time goes on ........
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
[Image: k1pszl3abcvhh20zg.jpg]