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=NFF= Server issues
'=NFF=' Friends,
As I'm certain you're aware, Server 1 is back operational. Our 'Friend' has done what he deems necessary and has released it for your enjoyment.
It's a labor of 'love' that he spends so much time and effort to ensure all guests and team members have access to both these Servers. He goes a long way to make sure you're all 'happy' with what you fly and see. (Thoughtless, critical comments about minor 'glitches' don't get much attention though. Please be aware of that .... he sure is !! ).
Enjoy and be Gentlemen. That's all that's asked of you.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
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Hello Guys,
Just a quick note to let you know that Server 1 is having a baby !! Not really, she seems to be suffering some kind of power issue at the moment. Anyway, we are working on it. Server 2 is up and healthy, so hop into that one and have some fun. We will keep you posted here as we progress with it's repair.
Thanks for your patience !  [Image: icon_e_salute.gif]
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'=NFF=' Team & Guests,
     After almost six years of continual service, Server I decided to take a long-desired 'Vacation.'  It shut down in the middle of the night on August 29th.  We should all be impressed that it had been functioning flawlessly for 1,811 days,  43,464 minutes,  and 2,607,840 seconds !!
      I had to comment on its longevity.  Not too many machines or devices behaved so well for so long.  
     I'd say that that was a remarkable performance.  AND ... it didn't ask for a rest or pay-raise.  It just worked away providing tons of fun, learning, competition, and camaraderie for a LOT of guests.  (Not to mention the fun our small group of =NFF=Team Members have had).
     The issue was been 'hypothetically' diagnosed as the the Power Source.  On Thursday, 30th, it was disassembled and the component removed. A good friend of =NFF= has put in an expedited order for a 900 Watt replacement. 
     That should be delivered by Tuesday, (Holiday Weekend), and installed on Wednesday.  If all goes as planned, we should be back in full operation no later than Wednesday or Thursday. 
     Thanks to all of our guests and 'Team Mates' for your patience and understanding.
     We do the best we can with the resources we have.  And .... Those are pretty impressive ..... :-)
     Take care friends.
     I sure hope to be back flying with you in the near future. 
     Until then, (And after of course), please take care of yourselves and families.
     Phil =NFF=Patriarch
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I am so confused, dumbfounded, lost and bewildered. Just another normal day in my life!
Gentlemen and =NFF=Team Members,
   I've been advised that the order for replacement parts was placed and that they should arrive on the expected date of Tuesday.  
     Our friend Bill, will be working on bringing it back 'on-line' for another huge number of years.  By no later than Thursday we should have everything working and up to the high expectation levels that you all have.  
   If something goes awry, I'll make certain I explain it in this Forum.  I'm not expecting anything but success, so don't be looking for any excuses.  
   AND ... We should all acknowledge the efforts of 'JimTM' who got this medium back up and working well.  He is the original designer of it and we owe him a ton of thanks for fixing it again after this last debacle.  
   I'll keep you all posted as things happen.
   Take care Friends.
   See you in our Friendly Skies!
   Phil =NFF=Patriarch
[Image: k1pszl3abcvhh20zg.jpg]
Howdy Gents,
Thanks to Phil !! For investing yet even more $$ into =NFF=. The new power supply did the trick. As you have already seen, Server 1 is back up and populated as usual.
Enjoy !   [Image: icon_e_salute.gif]
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Just a lesson with Phil on forum use Jim. Deleted....   Angel
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Howdy Gents,
Big power outage in Durham caused the servers to go down. Phil is home, servers should be up soon.
[Image: 52jztqaaadzvhakzg.jpg]
As a suggestion it may be better for those using the servers that you reduce the accuracy of the ai and the aa, once the server is populated maybe turning off ai in the settings, it just makes sense, when you are in the furball the ai take a whole mag of rounds to shoot down, you then enter into a human dog fight with few rounds left and then you also have the pin sharp accuracy of archie and the ai, it takes the ai 2 shots to pop you and a whole mag to get them, it's a real pain in the arse.