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Posting for KenTongue

Hello, I've just finished making a new channel map, and I wanted to give you guys some information on it first so that I can get some feedback. I know a lot of people don't have the channel map, but there were times when I flew in the channel map myself, and there has been a crowd in there at times.

The dimensions of the map are 30,000 m by about 18,000 m, and what few targets I have do not impede the smoothness of play. I play my game with super sampling, and high in game settings. I do manage to get 60 to 70 FPS in this map. As you probably know, water is always a graphically intense FPS eater ! The location I chose for this map has no water, with the exception of a few Rivers.

There are four Ai planes per side, one horse drawn transport column, and five separate, but grouped factory targets. All my maps of late, I have tried to keep the Ai planes in their own yard, in an attempt to avoid Ai to Ai combat. Its seems to have worked well for me.

I started using antiaircraft machine guns as opposed to the big shells. I also, use a spherical setting of 300 to 400 m for machine guns, and 1200 m for flak guns. I do put these numbers in the map description. In other words, if the people would read the description they would know how high to fly and avoid the flak! I have tested this over and over, and the flak will explode below me, and leave me untouched. (flak is part of the game) if they read the description, flak will only be for effect, and they will be unharmed.

For the new pilots, I have put in a short description telling them where to find the options menu and use it! I also still use red flares to indicate they have destroyed their target, also because I like it! How many times have you destroyed a flak gun, but were not sure. The flare will tell you, then you can go about your job.

The bottom line is, aside from the fact that I do enjoy building maps I try to make them for the people that play the game. People in the majority, and not some fellow who just likes to bitch.

With all that being said, I would appreciate any team critique or player constructive criticism.

Thanks,=NFF= Ken
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Just a note to let everyone know that we have added a couple of the old "Capture The Flag" missions to the rotation on server 2. They are lake maps that are included with the game. I'm sure most of you remember seeing these maps on the old Flying Circus server, as well as a few others. I haven't found a way to edit these yet, so the plane sets, as they are, are what you get.
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