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Fallen Friend
Hey guys,
In case you haven't heard, Chief Red Cloud passed away recently. He was a fair and honest man. I considered him a friend even though I never met him in person.
RIP Michael ~S~

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This is sad news.
RIP Chief Red Cloud.
'Chief' and I go way back to the beginnings of 'New Wings'. When we formed 'New Fliers and Friends' he chose not to come along with us.
Over the many years of conversing with him, he, very quietly, expressed his remorse in not joining us at the outset. He realized that it was his loss, not ours.
I'm going to miss him. We had our 'ups' and 'downs' but he was always a Gentleman whom you could trust. I still clearly recall some of our intense discussions over many different topics. You couldn't convince him to change his mind when he thought he was right. (He was right most of the time though).
On behalf of '=NFF=' I'll send Diana, his widow, a note expressing our sincere feeling of his loss. I wonder if he can see us flying a lot better now that he's gone to a higher place.
I sure hope so .......
Take care Gentlemen,
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
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