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Come Fly With Us By HotleadColdFeet
Very well done video from the RoF forum, thought I would post here in case anyone missed it.
[Image: 52jztqaaadzvhakzg.jpg]
Great video. Editing and music is spot on. To that one guy who has says he has friends from "Czechoslovakia" though, that country doesn't exist anymore. haha
That video is a fantastic tribute to all that Rise of Flights is and provides for its participants.
There could be many more pages and descriptions of the many intriguing aspects of this 'Chess' type flying challenge. It will be left for the user to learn and engage themselves deeply into it to find all the fascinating alcoves.
Learn it, live it, and enjoy it. You'll never wind up saying, "Now I know it all!"
It's that complicated and challenging.
Take care Gentlemen.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
[Image: k1pszl3abcvhh20zg.jpg]

The best "Western" singer in the world. In my opinion!
One of the best love songs ever. If she doesn't melt over this she has a cold, cold heart Smile