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Forum Maintenance
The forum may be down for (hopefully) short periods on August 21 or August 22 for maintenance. Hopefully we'll be able to get the captcha feature working properly again so people can reset their passwords.
The forum is back up again. Sorry for the delay; we had a technical issue to resolve with the upgrade of the forum software. Please post to the Website thread if you run into any problems with the new forum version.

We`ll be using the default forum style for awhile rather than the previous style. The previous style has some issues with the latest forum software so we`ll have to look at correcting the style or picking another style.


I like the new look ! Thanks a bunch Jim!!
Thanks Jim, for the hours you put in on this one !! Ken and I are Grateful !!!
Cheers   Exclamation
[Image: 52jztqaaadzvhakzg.jpg]
Cheers!   Big Grin