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Lake target v.1.1
Hello people! 

First of all, I apreciate the time you took to create and maintain the server and the maps. I know that it take time, but I saw something that could be bad for the server.
When Lake target practice V 1.1 starts to run on server 1, everybody complaint about the big size of the map, and in a lot of cases migrate to other servers, or simply stop playing. 
Most of players like NFF because are faster maps than the rest of servers, you go directly to dogfights, but in this map, you lose a lot of time navegating.
So my question is: can someone just simply erase that map? I think it would be beneficial for the server.
Thanks a lot! Sorry if Im bothering you, but is for the good health of our servers.
I will not delete the map! However, there is always room for making adjustments and renaming. I did that type of map for those people that like to take the time and take off from the ground, in a bomber, (Hence, the name "Target practice") gain altitude, set up their bomb sites, etc. Which, was requested by some people.

Thanks for your critique, =NFF=Ken
I like the map. I just take more fuel if I'm flying allied. It is a pain if ya get downed on the east side of the map where most of the action takes place, but if your flying a Spad or SE5a, you have time to grab altitude before crossing into German territory.
Also, once your over the east side, the action is fast and furious.
Thanks Fuzz, I am not getting rid of the map; I will make another map from the same area, but shorter and a different scenario. Smile
Cool! Don't put annoying planes like Camel, Pup, DRI in it.....(Kidding do as you please)

I think it was the old J99 server that used the lake map and had various dates/years in it. There was an early 1917 map (no DRI or camel), a mid 1917 map (DRI) and a late map(no DRI but D7f). I played the early and late maps more often to avoid getting chewed up by DRI's. I'm better in a DRI now, but still can't fight one with a good pilot.

I like the early planes but rarely play them as they are easy prey in servers that offer the late planes too. I'd like to see a map with EIII, Roland, HalbDIII, DFW, Nieuport 11 & 17, DH2, Fe2b, Strutter (2 seater), Re8, and maybe the Alb DII and those Russian planes. That's just me, Don't know if other players would go or not.

Bottom line is; Thanks to you guys that make the maps for the rest of us who enjoy them.
Keep up the good work!
"If you build it, they will come."....maybe
I regret to say this; but when I went to college I wanted to be a history teacher. With that being said, I Like your idea. It also means that I will have to do some research before I make that kind of map. I am sure that if there are any REAL WW I history enthusiast out there they will tear it apart! So it will not be called a historical map Smile It may take some time, but I want to do that type of map.

Thank you for opportunity.
(2018-12-15, 05:16 PM)=NFF=FritzVonBelow Wrote: I will not delete the map! However, there is always room for making adjustments and renaming.  I did that type of map for those people that like to take the time and take off from the ground, in a bomber, (Hence, the name "Target practice") gain altitude, set up their bomb sites, etc.  Which, was requested by some people.

Thanks for your critique, =NFF=Ken

You are right Ken, is not necesary to delete the map, I told that because I thought that it would be easyier than modifying or creating a new one.
To keep in our server the 10 or 15 players who sometimes come from the previos map it would be necesary to keep the posibility to continue flying the fast dogfights, but as you said, you dont need to remove the distants airfields, maybe just adding two closer ones, letting the players chose betwen closer or distant airfiels, depending on the kind of flight they want to make. Is just an idea. Thanks for your time!
Thanks Cruz, I love making maps and I try to make them for other flyers, in the hope that they will enjoy them.

To those of you who prefer to critique a particular Map or suggest revisions, I'd suggest one thing ..... Try to create one by yourself. Once you get deeply involved you'll, perhaps, find that you're WAY over your head. The 'Russian' designers have a unique and intricate fashion of programming that, sometimes, makes no sense at all.
Not considering myself a 'Map Designer', I leave it up to the creative geniuses who have figured out its complexities. There can be endless alterations. There can be changes in airplanes to meet the correct era. The landing fields can be shortened or extended. In other words, the variations are truly endless.
Suggestions are ALWAYS listened to. Each one has a significance that is worth considering.
One must bear in mind though, that the 'builders' of these maps i.e. =NFF=Ken and Agent86 have spent endless hours trying to meet the needs of as many guests and members as possible. They're doing a wonderful job!
Please keep this in mind as you think of alterations and additions. It's not nearly as easy as one might think.
BUT ... Enjoy what we have today. The future will provide new and fun Maps. You can 'Bank' on that!
Take care Gentlemen.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
[Image: k1pszl3abcvhh20zg.jpg]
Fun news on new maps!
I was just thinking "out loud". I know making and altering maps isn't easy. I can barely turn on my computer and log into this forum, so I wouldn't even attempt to make a map. I'm glad there are guys like you that do make hem for me to play in.
Regarding historical, I understand. I was just thinking of how a N11 has no chance against a Fokker DRI in this game or real life, but was a great danger to an EIII and could hold it's own against a Halb DII. Most players go to the best machine for "killin" in order to stay alive and get a score, then I have to go to the best option to fight those planes to stay alive. Mind you, this game is fun for me regardless.
If it was historical, there would only be as many aircraft as were built; a little over 300 DRI's and DVIII's, 15 or less of those Sikorsky fighters, thousands of Camels and SE5's. I was just wondering what the "DRI" of the early planes would be. Likely the Alb DII would end up being the top predator.
That's another thing I like about some of the maps; the limited amount of some of the "top" planes. When they're gone, you have to select the next best option. I imagine a lot of people don't like that and might leave to the other server when that happens, but it makes me more cautious and want to preserve my limited resource.
Here I go thinking out loud again. The bottom line is thanks. for providing any maps at all. I do appreciate it, and will play on what ever you see fit to put up.