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Holiday cheer
Hi everyone.  I just dropped in to tell all you Fokkers Merry Christmas and happy Nieuport!
Merry Camel and Happy Hanriot!   Smile
[Image: 52jztqaaadzvhakzg.jpg]
Beautiful video! Merry Christmas for all of you!
That is a wonderful video Agent. It really brings out the true spirit of Christmas, whether you're religious or not. The image of the Allied and German soldiers playing soccer during the truce is quite poignant. We should play more games with others. Salut!   Shy
That's one of the nicest pieces of work that's ever been put on our =NFF=Forum!
It took a lot of thought, organization, and originality!
Thank you so much Agent86. Your abilities never cease to amaze me.
A very merry Christmas to you as well......
And to all our group and followers. It is truly the season to be thinking about others and to put smiles on our faces.
We are a lucky team of thoughtful gentlemen.
Thanks again for all that we have and what you do Sir.
Take care my friends.
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
[Image: k1pszl3abcvhh20zg.jpg]
If you look at the credits, you will see the original NW crew........
[Image: 52jztqaaadzvhakzg.jpg]
Just a short note to wish all of our 'Team' and guests a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
It's been a challenging and productive year of 2018. We've accomplished more than we had dreamed of over these last five years. It's taken a commitment on behalf of all of you to make us the most popular and active of Servers on RoF.
Some of you have difficulties with your availability. Some of you also have found different avenues to fly in and enjoy. That's all part of being among a 'Group' that's open and inviting.
The commitments you initially made to keep '=NFF=' a clean and comfortable place to compete, learn, and laugh have shown clearly over time. I can't thank you all enough for the times you've taken to be part of our small cadre. It shows up every time one of you displays our '=NFF=' ID. People seem to respond and act accordingly.
That's the critical part of being part of us. It doesn't take much - but what it takes shows!
I wish you all a wonderful season. This new year will have its new challenges. I'm convinced that each one of you is ready and able to meet them.
Here's to you !!
(I'm off to visit family and grand kids - 'See you next YEAR!! ..... :-)'
Phil =NFF=Patriarch
[Image: k1pszl3abcvhh20zg.jpg]